A New Transportation Program Rolls Into The Morgantown Area

Posted: January 13, 2011

Morgantown, WV- There is now only one phone number to call to get a ride in Monongalia County. The NewFIT Program provides transportation to anyone who may be in need. If you are covered by Medicaid or Assistive Services, need a ride to work or training, medical appointments or shopping NewFIT can pick you up.

Anyone is eligible to ride NewFIT; however persons with disabilities are given preference over people without disabilities. Typically, this is curb to curb service; however, if you need additional assistance or would like door through door service, please notify the scheduler when you call for your appointment.

The cost to ride can be covered by programs such as Medicaid, Veterans Programs, Senior Programs or many other subsidized services. If you are unable to be covered by any other service, the cost to ride is $9.00 one way. Therefore if you have Medicaid, then you have a ride; if your car is in the shop and you plan to ride with NewFIT for a while, you still have a ride at a cost of $9.00.

To make an appointment, call 304-296-3869 and provide the scheduler with some information so we can find the best option for you. Set up your appointment with return trip information then just be ready to leave 5 minutes prior to your pick-up time.

The NewFIT program is a joint venture between Mountain Line Transit and In Touch & Concerned and is a program created by New Freedom Funding.

To learn more about this project or for additional information about Mountain Line, visit http://www.busride.org/FaresPrograms/NewFIT.aspx or call 304-296-3869.