IDEA National Survey

Posted: March 29, 2011

Please take part in the IDEA National Survey, a survey of whether the rights of students with disabilities and their parents are protected.  The survey is sponsored by the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), Autism Society of America (ASA), Autism National Committee (AutCom), and The Advocacy Institute (AI).  Go to

The survey looks at whether parents are treated as equal partners in their children’s education. Topics include whether the rights of students with disabilities and their parents protected throughout the special education process, including IEP meetings and IEP issues, eligibility (child find), Due Process hearings (impartial hearings), and other education issues.  There is also a survey for those parents whose children have been denied access to IDEA services.

All disabilities are welcome!  We are studying these issues for all students, regardless of their disability or special need.  There are surveys for all community members:

  • Parents of children with disabilities
  • Self-advocates (people with disabilities)
  • Attorneys, advocates, and other professionals

The survey will run March-May 2011.  The results will be compiled into a report about experiences under the IDEA that will be published this summer.

You can take the survey and read more about it at You can also visit the Facebook page,  Please take part and let us know about your special education experiences!