Managed Enrollment for the Aged & Disabled Waiver Program

Posted: December 2, 2011

Important Information regarding the Aged & Disabled Waiver Program

This is a memorandum sent out by WVDDHR BMS regarding its decision to close off further enrollment into the Aged & Disabled Waiver program.


Date: November 29, 2011

To: Aged & Disabled Waiver Stakeholders

From: Penney A. Hall, Program Manager, Aged & Disabled Waiver Program

Re: Managed Enrollment 

In order for the West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services (BMS) to 
maintain the current level of services for individuals in the Aged and 
Disabled Waiver program (ADW), ADW services will not be offered to any 
applicant whose application is received on or after Monday, 
December 5, 2011. Eligible individuals will be enrolled in the program and 
services will be provided only if additional funding becomes available. 

Individuals referred for medical eligibility determination after 
December 4, 2011, will continue to be evaluated by West Virginia Medical 
Institute (WVMI).  However, those applicants found medically eligible will 
receive notification they have been placed on the Managed Enrollment List.  
Applicants will be placed on the list based on the date/time their Medical 
Necessity Evaluation Request Form is successfully processed by WVMI.  At 
such time that the Waiver Program is able to accept new members, applicants 
will be provided with instructions on how to complete the remaining steps 
of the eligibility process.  

If you have any questions about Managed Enrollment, please contact me at 
(304) 356-4872 or at  

Cc: Marcus Canaday, Director, Home and Community Based Services, BMS   
    Julie McClanahan, Bureau of Senior Services